Metropolitan Pavilion | October 13 - 15, 2017
  • The Village

Greenwich Village on Lower Manhattan’s west side is known as the Bohemian capital – a place full of coffee shops and cafés, quirky stores and restaurants.

The Village at The New York Coffee Festival has a similar vibe, located near the festival’s street food market, music stage and Central Park area.

Playing host to some fantastic young and innovative brands, The Village vendors all have some exciting stories to share.

Village Vendors 2016

2nd Ground

2nd Ground is a coffee upcycling company.  Starting with bar soaps and candles, we specialize in finding unique ways to reuse coffee grounds after the cup has been poured. Through innovative ideas and green business ethics, we strive to inspire our global community by reducing waste and producing first-class products.


All Saints Café

Ally Coffee

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Café Imports

Independently owned boutique green coffee developer and importer of some of the best green coffees in the world. Offering a wealth of free educational resources, like extended farm profiles, origin information, sample roasting courses, cupping training, harvest schedules, and the variety tree at Warehousing in the US, London, and Melbourne. Serving local and international roasters.

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Direct Origin Trading

F+B Therapy

F+B Therapy provides solutions at every step of the value chain from farm to roast to cafe and retail. We grade green, import, blend, roast, train, brand, design, cook and even do latte art. Most recently F+B launched BARISTA WORX, a barista training center and hiring platform in Brooklyn.

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Hatch is a new coffee company with a focus on organic single origin cold brew. They roast on a low emission roaster, and brew and bottle on custom equipment - all in-house in a 15,000sqft facility. Daily capacity is 50,000 bottles, with extended shelf-life using state-of-the-art cold treatment technology.

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Light & Sweet Coffee Candle Co.

At Light & Sweet Coffee Candle Co. we are coffee connoisseurs and relentless visionaries (who may or may not have a caffeine problem), pursuing the perfect Cup Of Joe and the experiences that coffee creates. Driven by our passion to share those experiences with the people around us, we hand-pour and individually craft coffee candles that look and smell good enough to drink! Our unique candles are made using real coffee beans and spices, and recreate special moments that last long after you have seen the bottom of your coffee cup. 

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Sans Bakery

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Sunup Green Coffee

Sunup Green Coffee is dedicated to making unroasted green coffee beverages. Sunup is an independent company based in New York City and is proudly committed to organic green coffee sourcing.

Toms Lemon Coffee

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